The Heart of a Nxt-Gen ROI System

Nxt Generation ROIThe Heart of a Nxt-Gen ROI System – Sales Methodology Execution

Sales Methodologies. How many are there? Are they all the same, or how are they different? Most importantly,  how do you make a methodology work for your organization???

Previously I spoke to the subject of Sales Methodologies and Sales Processes. They are not the same, but they are inseparable for the high-performance sales organization.

There are myriad Sales Methodologies, each espousing certain unique aspects along with tons of commonality. George Brontén wrote a piece entitled A Brief History of Modern Sales Methodologies for Sales Leaders, and includes a really good white paper to help determine which methodology is best for you and your organization.

All interesting stuff, but my topic is about the most important question…how do you make a methodology work for your organization?

The starting point for me is what all methodologies have in common…Customer Motivation and Seller Value. We’ve visualized that in the following chart:


Pick your methodology (and this applies to process as well, notice MEDDIC in the list), they all expect the seller to understand and relate to Customer Motivation and articulate Seller Value specific for each buyer as it relates to that motivation. If you want your methodology to work, you must have this covered. As Al Pacino says in Scent of a Woman, “it’s non-negotiable”.

But buyers say sellers don’t do this very well.

DecisionLink.comFix this and you have a chance for your methodology to work. Don’t and you have no chance.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of acumen, ability to execute and the time it takes to execute. Nobody has 5-7 years to develop the acumen and unlimited resources to build the personalized Seller Value. That’s where Next-Gen ROI comes in. It’s the Cliff Notes path to methodology success.

If you want your Methodology to work, for your Sales Process to be successful, make sure you have a world-class capability to produce Business Value Assessments, and that BVAs are an integral part of your Methodology/Process. It’ll be the best ROI you’ll ever achieve.


Value Selling Success StoriesNormally when we think of customer value and ROI, we think of what is produced in the latter stages of a sales cycle. The financial justification to help win a deal. That’s great. It’s super important even thought due to time and resource constraints it’s not done often enough.

But this post is about the front-end of a sales cycle, when interest and need is being developed.

Probably the most important time of any customer/prospect engagement since you only get one chance to make a first impression. That first impression is of paramount importance for Challenger, Command of the Message and all high-performance sales methodologies.

Our Customer and Their Prospect

DecisionLink’s customer is a billion dollar plus per-year company in the enterprise software space. Despite its size and importance in the industry, they were unable to crack the CMO’s office of a large consumer products company.

Turning to DecisionLink

Despite being well-trained in provocative and Challenger sales, the sales rep needed an edge. Turning to DecisionLink, he armed himself with rich, customer-precise business value content that enabled him to have a provocative and relevant conversation with the CMO.

Reactions from the CMO

As the initial meeting progressed, the CMO said “we have lots of vendors making big claims, but you’re the first with specificity and detail. You measured and estimated areas that we use to run our business. I don’t know if you are a fit for us, but we’re going to dig in and find out.” That first meeting turned into a second meeting and eventually the deal was closed.

But it all began with the rich, credible and defensible business value content enabled via a Nxt-Gen ROI system, in this case, the DecisionLink platform. With that content the sales rep had a great initial conversation that turned into a bona-fide opportunity and ultimately a deal.

I call this the “initial point of sales engagement”. It doesn’t matter if the buyer self-educates and is 65% of the way through a buying cycle, if it is an initial call where there is no buying cycle*, if it is in response to receipt of an unsolicited RFP or any other circumstance. That first meeting/conversation is the opportunity to establish yourself as a difference maker, and buyers most definitely want to engage with difference makers.

*  My personal opinion, this is the very best opportunity for a sales rep to shine, to establish a preference, to dominate the competition. More on that later.


Automation to Create Compelling Value Propositions

Article originally published on CIO Review – TOP CRM SOLUTIONS, April 2017

CIOReview Automation Value Propositions DecisionLinkDECISIONLINK

“We bring automation to manual sales functions resulting in higher productivity, increased revenue, improved margins and, ultimately, improved shareholder value.”

The information age presents new challenges to sales organizations worldwide. Buyers are self-educating, and are bombarded with social and digital information from sellers for their valuable time. Sellers need to come up with a personalized understanding of the customer and the value they’re looking for to be heard against the background marketing noise. When sellers produce clear business content to showcase the value of their products, they win a much higher percentage of opportunities while lowering the cost of sales and increasing their margins. Yet this is done less than ten percent of the time because of the cost and energy it requires. DecisionLink decided to leverage the power of automation to address these challenges.

“At DecisionLink, we have brought automation to a critical business function for the first time, that results in ten times the production at one tenth of the cost of traditional methods. Doing so has a significant impact on revenue, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction,” states Jim Berryhill, CEO. DecisionLink’s Value Selling Automation™ platform addresses five main issues faced by sales organizations: the high percentage of “no decision”, competitive losses, margins eroded by discount requirements, poor lead to opportunity conversion ratios and customer churn when they don’t realize the value of the solutions.

DecisionLink built the industry’s first repository for value objects, called the Value Cloud. In parallel, they developed a methodology to produce value solution models in a day or two. The system is designed to empower the sales force, and enable them to present a clear value proposition to prospects. “What a value analyst would do in three days to two weeks depending on the complexity of the account, the DecisionLink system performs in a few minutes, producing sales ready assets in forms of presentations, proposals and executive infographics,” says Berryhill.

“We designed a comprehensive system with all the elements necessary to be scalable and easy to use to empower the entire organization, not only a specialized group of people within it,” explains John Porter, DecisionLink Co-founder and CTO. “Workflows are built to enable best practice processes and go much beyond the legacy CRM tools that are good at keeping records, but don’t help in closing deals and winning competitive battles.”

Jim continues with compelling results from a client, ACI Worldwide, the leading software company for processing payment transactions. “The number one issue for their sales organization was the ability to communicate value to their customers and prospects,” he mentions. The DecisionLink system was rolled out in 2016. “We invested in the best of the best for our sales organization. Salesforce for CRM, The Challenger Sale for methodology, messaging from Corporate Visions and more. DecisionLink ties it all together and makes it all work the way it should, solving the value communication problem. Nothing we invested in is more valuable than DecisionLink,” said Cliff Elam of ACI.

“CIOs are the catalysts of pushing technology and automation to create positive business outcomes for their organizations,” says Berryhill. “This is an area of great opportunity for the business-aligned CIO to enable her/his sales organization with world-class capability via automation, best practice processes and related disciplines.”


DecisionLink 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers CIO Review 2017

DecisionLink honored as Most Promising CRM Solution Provider by CIOReview

CIOReview publication draws attention towards the leading companies and revolutionists that are substantiated on their unprecedented level of performance, ability of creating remarkable customer experience and producing more far-reaching positive impacts in harnessing future gains.

FREMONT, CA—April 04, 2017—CIOReview is pleased to announce that DecisionLink has been selected as one of the “20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers 2017”.

“We are delighted to rank DecisionLink as one among the 20 companies that are featured in the CRM special edition of 2017,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. “DecisionLink’s Agile Value Platform™ — a Marketing, Sales and Customer Success Platform which allows to find the best targets, make sure every deal has a business case showing financial impact, and measures the financial value of customer success to foster the best customer relationships possible.”
— CIOReview CRM Special Magazine

In contrast to the previous editions of the magazine, this year’s CIOReview CRM Special edition is a collection of extraordinary list of companies and prominent leaders who are pioneering in the CRM arena. In short, this magazine is significantly great and worth paying attention to.

The CRM Special Magazine emphasizes the successful leaders in CRM field. The chosen 20 companies are shown as they really are outstanding, creative and as real as the revolutionary changes they have bought to Customer Service industry.
DecisionLink’s Agile Value Platform™ delivers dynamic, customer-facing value propositions and business cases that clearly communicate the value of client’s solutions. This value based selling methodology can lead to better customer engagement and purchase decisions.

About DecisionLink 
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, DecisionLink  is a software company formed by enterprise B2B sales experts to deliver the missing element in Sales organizations by building the business system required to bring automation to solve this problem and achieve high performance selling. The company was started in mid-2011 and delivered a prototype system in 2012. For more info, visit:

About the CIOReview magazines’ Most Promising Companies
CIOReview magazine annually identifies, selects and ranks the Most Promising CRM Companies to reveal the business practices that had made these companies both highly regarded and successful. For more information about the full list of 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers 2017, please visit:

Alongside this study, each year CIOReview carries out additional research to expose what makes these companies so successful in today’s market. The magazine features Senior Executives, CEO’s and Professionals of leading organizations, who participate in each year’s Most Promising Companies rankings to share their view points on a wide range of business priorities, technologies and practices.

CRM Best CRM Providers DecisionLink CIO Review
CRM Best CRM Providers DecisionLink CIO Review