About DecisionLink


We are familiar with terms such as Value Selling, Challenger Selling, Customer Alignment, Hypothesis Selling, Critical Success Factors, Provocative Selling, Selling to VITO, Complex Selling and more.  These are different labels and descriptions at the core of what might reasonable be called “High Performance Selling”.

The selling methodologies we embrace, sales training we’ve taken and effectiveness tools we employ revolve around a set of fundamental premises:  having insight into your value for each customer and prospect; being able to articulate your specific value to those customers and prospects; differentiating yourself from the competition; as well as quantify/defend that value in economic terms required for business approval (collaborate with customers/prospects needs to be woven in here). The various systems they represent and High Performance Selling in general are fundamental to all of these labels.


Yet sellers have consistently achieved marginal to poor results in the underlying capabilities necessary to consistently achieve High Performance Selling. This shortcoming is because a critical element is missing.


I got tired of doing it myself and built teams at CA, Siebel and HP Software to do it for my sales organizations. As good as those teams were, they were encumbered by a lack of automation and could not scale. Further, they rarely helped early in sales cycles.

So we formed DECISIONLINK to build the business system necessary to bring automation to the problem. In short, I was tired of doing it by hand, knew that was limiting sales organizations everywhere, and built a machine to do it for us.”

DECISIONLINK was formed by enterprise B2B sales experts to deliver this missing element. We have a firm belief that Customer Aligned Value Selling should be a core business function, not some mystery function done for a handful of key deals. Further, it should enable the entire selling organization, including and especially the front line sales team. DECISIONLINK is built by sales professionals for sales professionals.

We started DECISIONLINK in mid-2011 and delivered a prototype system in 2012. Over time we’ve graduated from having a cloud-based application that performs Value Selling Automation™ to a business platform that delivers the capabilities necessary to support Customer Aligned Value Selling as a core business function, and to provide“Best-First” capability to our customers.