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Not Your Father’s ROI?

    General Motors ran an ill-fated ad campaign in the late 80’s and early 90’s about The New Generation of Oldsmobile with a tag line “Not your Father’s Oldsmobile”*. They used hip music and video and got famous fathers like Ringo Starr, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy with their daughters while promoting an imminently […]

Supercharge Sales Effectiveness – Harvard Business Review Study

For the first post in this series, (Click Here), I made this claim: Sales Effectiveness is super-relevant for the Executive Suite and Board of Directors because there is no more significant way to impact an organization’s financial performance than by improving Sales Effectiveness. And there is no more significant way to impact Sales Effectiveness than by “Value Selling”.   That’s a pretty […]


PROTECT AND DEFEND WHAT IS MINE! In a recent blog post, I talked about Selling Value to Existing Customers. Selling to existing customers is fundamental to our businesses. Yet we often have pressure on those renewals either by a lack of understood value, budgetary pressures, or replacement efforts by competitors. Sometimes it’s one of the […]

Getting And Keeping Executive Access

Getting And Keeping Executive Access No matter your sales methodology (whether one of the well known ones or one you built yourselves, or if you have one at all), getting and keeping the interest of the (pick your naming nomenclature) Executive Decision Maker and/or Economic Buyer is a key expectation. To do so WHO – […]

The Heart of a Nxt-Gen ROI System – Outside-In Analysis

The Heart of a NXT-GEN™ ROI System – Outside-In Analysis Supporting all Three Ways You Get Into a New Opportunity How do our sales opportunities get started? Fundamentally there are four ways: 1.  Seller helps prospect identify need 2.  Prospect identifies need on their own 3.  Competition helps prospect identify need 4.  Existing customer is […]

No Better Way To Impact Financial Performance…Sales Effectiveness + Value Selling

No Better Way To Impact Financial Performance…Sales Effectiveness + Value Selling CSO Insights published a Sales Effectiveness eBook identifying some 30 technologies to consider for companies that want to impact Sales Effectiveness in a meaningful way. They categorized the technologies in four logical groups: 1 –  Find More 2 –  Win More 3 –  Keep […]