What does having an “enterprise-class value app” mean?

For one, it means having a great “Value Hypothesis” for EVERY ACCOUNT.

“A great Value Hypothesis is central to every high performance sales methodology…Solution Selling®, Challenger® and all the others. It’s key to making great sales calls that lead to more opportunities and bigger deals.”

Building a “Value Hypothesis” like the one below is a bit like solving a Rubik’s Cube”. Without having ever seen a Cube.

With every Cube being different since there are about 15 variables for any account, things can get complicated very quickly. But with DecisionLink ValueCloud, it’s a snap!

A ton of expertise and acumen is required. And time.
So sellers rarely have a really good Value Hypothesis.

That’s just one of the benefits of Value Cloud, the only enterprise-class value app. Communicating your value to customers and prospects, as well as the business outcomes to be achieved with your products, solutions and services should (and can!) permeate every facet of the customer journey and experience:

  • Target the BEST ACCOUNTS for your products, services and solutions
  • Gain Insight and get SUPER SMART about those accounts
  • Market to each account individually, true ACCOUNT BASED
  • Engage each account with your VALUE HYPOTHESIS to START DEALS
    based on anticipated business outcomes
  • Execute your Sales Cycle as a “PROOF OF VALUE” for those business
  • Close the account with a compelling BUSINESS VALUE ASSESSMENT”
    proving those business outcomes
  • Care for the Customer to REDUCE CHURN and PROMOTE CROSS-SELL/


What Selling Experts Think

“A key initiative in AppDynamics’ success was to engage customers with “Business Value Assessments”, helping drive our growth and ultimately acquisition for$3.7B. While we had great results, we were limited by a lack of automation. It was expensive and time-consuming, limiting BVAs to just our largest deals.

DecisionLink solves the problem with Value Cloud, the only enterprise-class value app. If Value Cloud had been available, we’d have spent a lot less and done a lot more.

Proven in world-class companies, I recommend DecisionLink to companies wanting to achieve best practice interactions with customers and prospects.”

Joe Sexton
Former President WW Field Operations AppDynamics
Director CrowdStrike, SnapRoute & PagerDuty